New Zealand - Annual Race Relations Reports


The full page with excerpts from the NZ Diversity Action Program - exerpts on Religious Diversity in New Zealand 2004 - 2010 is available here. (Opens in new window)

Further information for the year 2011 will be included shortly.

Source: New Zealand Diversity Action Program

Image Credit: New Zealand Diversity Action Program


We, as leaders of  faith communities, need to develop a more inclusive view of the religious other, to recognise the humanity of the religious other as a starting point. We need to recognise the essential equality of all human beings regardless of religious beliefs. We need to affirm the mutuality and interdependency of all people... We may need even to extend this and recognise that religious other may, just may, have at least some access to the Truth. We may need to accept that the religious others also adopts more or less the same set of essential universal ethical-moral principles we share; that the religious other has feelings of pain and pleasure just like us; that the religious other has similar expectations about their children and family and the preservation of life, property and security; and that the religious other has the same fears and anxieties about the world and the future, just like us.